Online CPC Certification Training in Hyderabad

Online CPC Certification Training in Hyderabad

Online CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification training is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for students to pass the CPC exam and become proficient medical coders. Here's how it typically works:

How Online CPC Certification Training Works

1. Enrollment and Access


Students enroll in the online CPC training program through the training provider’s website.

Learning Platform Access:

After enrollment, students receive access to the online learning platform, which hosts all course materials and resources.

2. Course Structure

Modules and Lessons:

The training is divided into modules, each covering different aspects of medical coding such as ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, medical terminology, and anatomy and physiology.

Self-Paced Learning:

Courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing students to progress through the material according to their own schedule.

3. Learning Materials

Video Lectures:

Recorded lectures from experienced instructors covering key concepts and coding guidelines.

Interactive Lessons:

Modules include interactive lessons with quizzes, flashcards, and exercises to reinforce learning.

Digital Textbooks:

Comprehensive e-books and reading materials are provided for in-depth study.

Practice Coding:

Practical exercises and case studies to apply coding knowledge in real-world scenarios.

4. Support and Interaction

Discussion Forums:

Online forums where students can ask questions, share insights, and discuss topics with peers and instructors.

Live Webinars:

Regular live sessions or Q&A webinars with instructors to clarify doubts and provide additional guidance.


Some programs offer one-on-one mentorship or support from experienced coders.

5. Assessment and Feedback

Quizzes and Exams:

Regular quizzes and mock exams to test knowledge and readiness for the CPC certification exam.

Instant Feedback:

Automated grading and feedback on quizzes and practice exercises to help students identify areas for improvement.

6. Exam Preparation

Study Guides:

Comprehensive study guides and exam preparation materials are provided.

Practice Exams:

Full-length practice exams that simulate the actual CPC exam to help students build confidence and test-taking skills.

Test-Taking Strategies:

Tips and strategies for managing time and handling different types of questions on the exam.

7. Certification

Exam Registration:

Guidance on how to register for the CPC exam through AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).

Certification Exam:

Upon completing the training, students take the CPC exam to earn their certification.

Online CPC Certification Training Institutes in Hyderabad

1. Medicon

Reputation: Known for comprehensive training and good placement support.

Placement Rate: High, with many students securing jobs in reputed companies.

Training Quality: Offers extensive hands-on training and preparation for certifications like CPC.

Website: Medicon

2. Codes

Reputation: Offers specialized training in medical coding and placement assistance.

Placement Rate: High, with a strong network of healthcare industry connections.

Training Quality: Focuses on CPC certification with experienced instructors.

Website: Codes